This brief update is meant to be inclusive not exclusive of BioJENC's business development while our website is undergoing major changes to bring you more exclusive new information on our R&D of novel cancer diagnostics and therapeutics.  

The novel "Universal Pathologic Biomarker (UPB)" in tumor cells of different types of cancer (breast cancer, cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer) first reported by Lo and Luther* using BioJENC's proprietary Granzyme B-like peptide conjugate has shown usefulness for developing novel cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. We now have the tools to understand and reproduce the mechanism used by our own cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) to effectively protect us from tumor growth and metastasis.  Combining BioJENC's Granzyme B-like peptides with other immunotherapies (resulting in more functional CTL) may cause to attain anti-cancer synergism. 
We strive to R&D effective and affordable novel cancer diagnostics and therapeutics for not one but different types of cancer, similar to our own multipurpose CTL*.  We also have new data to support a potential antimicrobial application for bacteremia and influenza in general.
Using the same Granzyme B-like peptide conjugate, we have further discovered that circulating platelets of cancer patients may also have the same UPB as first reported by Lo and Luther, demonstrating a potential link for a direct cancer connection with platelets for the first time. 

*Lo,WC and Luther, DG. “Detection of Cancer Cell Death Mediated by a Synthetic Granzyme B-like Peptide Fluorescent Conjugate and the same Peptide Binding in Bacteria”  J Fluoresc (2014) 24:465-471.

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